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ICT as a part of Construction Industry - GM Informatics Joint Stock Company

ICT as a part of Construction Industry

Construction industry; one of the most information-intensive industries, as a major construction process requires extensive exchange of data and information between the project’s participants on a regular basis. One of the most challenges of this industry is, employees must adopt new forms of technology to achieve the time, cost, and quality goals of a construction project. During the construction phases and the lifecycle of a building, the construction industry depends on large amounts of information. It’s important that the information provided to the construction site enables task control, data integration, material and resource control, and communication between the company and the suppliers.
Cloud Computing, Project Management Systems, Mobile Device Management and Layered Data Security models must be in place as well as mobile communications systems covers most aspects of this needs. Lately air drones helps this industry to see and coverup the failed issues as far as possible.